6.5 inch classic style high grade stainless steel 440C hair scissors,professional barber scissors,very sharp

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Color Silvery
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Shearman co
Style Japanese
Blade Length 2.28 Inches

About this item

  • Introduction: 5.5 inch classic style high grade 440C hair scissors,professional barber scissors,very sharp.Our all scissors photos are 100% real shots, what you see is what you get.
  • Material: 440C is internationally recognized as one of the high-end hair scissors material with the perfect combination of high hardness and high toughness.440C hair scissors is very sharp and has excellent edge sharpness retention. Tips:The hardness of scissors is not the harder the better.The greater the hardness of the scissors,the lower the toughness.The blade of the scissors is very thin.If the toughness is small,the cutting edge collapses easily.
  • Application: It can be used at barbers,hair salon,hair studio or home use.Suitable for cutting wet and dry hair,as well as nose hair,beard,temple hair and all kinds of human hair and animal soft hair.
  • Features: 440C convex blades,very sharp,keep sharp during long working life.Well-proportioned honed edge line and slide way,very well cutting balance.Japan ergonomic handles design,reduce fatigue when use long time.The scissors blade body is forged,and the strength is better than that of laser cutting scissors blade body.
  • Lifetime: Usually used in hair salons for more than one year,and normal use at home for many years (Use correctly,hair scissors can not be used to cut anything except human hair and animal soft hair,and they must be wiped clean after using the scissors)