Curved Thinning Shears 7'' Chunker Shears

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The Curved Thinning Shears 7" Chunker Shears are essential for professionals providing dog grooming services. These shears are crafted from high-performance stainless steel and feature a curved design for efficient cutting and added control. Enjoy professional results with minimal effort.

Create beautiful, defined pet hair styles quickly and easily with Shears. These chunkers are designed for trimming, thinning, styling and shaping to create smooth curves and fluffy outlines. Save time versus using straight or curved scissors and achieve stunning results in less time than ever before.

Groom your pet like a pro with our 7" curved thinning shears. Made from Japanese 440C stainless steel, each blade features 21 sharp teeth and a 75% thinning rate, providing a precise, even cut that won't damage or split fur ends. With a hand-sharpened cutting edge and convex edge, you can trust these shears to give a long-lasting performance.

Keep your pet looking perfect with the these Shears. Crafted with a precise convex edge and hollow-ground design, these shears provide an even texturization of fur without splitting or damaging the ends. With 150,000 potential openings and closings and hand-sharpened cutting edges, your pet will receive the perfect trim every time.

The Shears have been ergonomically designed to provide superior precision and comfort. The precision-crafted joint provides a smooth cutting motion with reduced sound while ensuring longevity and accuracy.