Professional Barber Hair GERMAN Cutting Shears 6.0 inch

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>Forged in heat treated stainless steel, these razor edge scissors are designed to provide durability and reliability that you can trust.

>Built specifically for barbering, the scissor is balanced perfectly from point to ring. Experience the unparalleled control of hair at your fingertips.

>A micro-serrated blade ensures you get a perfect, trustworthy cut right to the tip. This micro-serrated blade also reduces the amount of maintenance needed for your scissors.

>The cutting blade is a beveled edge, which ensure the ultimate cut suitable for chopping work, as well as more advanced techniques.

>The DS1 barber scissors can provide many years of quality barbering if well maintained. Regularly clean and oil your scissors and always take your scissors to a qualified, experienced sharpener to increase their longevity.